“Where does our suffering come from?”

“What is the Karma that professionals trying to alleviate the pain of others’ minds possess?”

DBT Day RetreatㅣAwakening Spring Within @ Musangsa

Among those who are involved in DBT therapy or dedicated to the field of mental health, there are individuals who have already engaged deeply in spiritual practice, as well as those who are newly embarking on this path. Even scholars who resonate with Marsha Linehan and her philosophy are engaging in profound spiritual practice within their respective religious institutions.

Yong Cho, Ph.D.ㅣDBT Institute of Korea

Dr. Cho, the path he walk, is the path for pain and suffering; the DBT and Marsha Linehan’s philosophy, he believed, are the non-detachable companion of his walk to save people from their suffering.

Dr. Cho has always been open-minded. DBT Center of Korea welcome anyone who approaches us with mindful and scientific state of mind.

DBT Institue of Korea l Mission

In 2006, Dr. Marsha Linehan in Seattle asked me
with a firm and serious expression
why I wanted to start DBT and education in Korea.

It was a solemn question that confronted the sincerity within me.

Even now, that penetrating gaze and question from her
continue to keep my mind mindful and transparent.

In Korea, providing people in pain with new hope for life through high-quality DBT, similar to that in the United States.

And in order to do this, nurturing ethical DBT experts equipped with compassion and authenticity.

I conveyed these two heartfelt wishes.
In response to the transparent and mindful intention,
Dr. Linehan visited Seoul in person to support
the mission of DBT KOREA and to educate professionals in Korea.

Subsequently, with the support of the expert team in Seattle and Dr. Linehan’s visit to Seoul,
manual translation work for DBT KOREA, DBT classes for experts, and necessary tasks in Korea such as DBT for Koreans and English-speaking clients have been quietly carried out.

The DBT Institute of Korea and I share the philosophy and mission of Dr. Marsha Linehan,
and we are always open to professionals
who want to dedicate themselves to opening their hearts to reduce human suffering and pain.

Dr. Yong Cho | CEO of the DBT Institute of Korea

Long-term Positive Emotion Building Skill | DBT Skill Training Class for Adults

Songhee Chae, M.A.

It’s difficult to feel happy without experiencing meaningful values of a life. This is the ultimate core principle of DBT. In reality, every life has a value, and there is no life without a value. However, what’s important is experiencing your own life as valuable. The experience of satisfaction and happiness is what’s most important.