DBT Education Program for Professionals in Korea

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DBT Education for Professionals

In 2008, Dr. Linehan visited Seoul and provided the first DBT workshop in Korea for professionals in Korea. After the workshop, she suggested Dr. Yong Cho of DBT Center of Korea starting an experiential class for professionals to provide them with firsthand experience of DBT skills.


DBT Korea launched a class for professionals during the same year. Starting in the year 2022, a quarterly program for professionals has been launched for professionals.


The Experiential Class for Professionals covers all four modules of DBT over the course of one year.


The mission of DBT Center of Korea is to deliver the best ethical DBT service for people in Korea and to provide DBT educational and training opportunities for professionals who are willing to put serious efforts to learn Dr. Marsha Linehan’s standard DBT and her sacrificial commitment.


We are grateful for dedicated support of Dr. Marsha Linehan and her team including Dr. Anthony Dubois of Behavioral Tech and Dr. Jennifer Sayer of Evidence Based Treatment Center of Seattle. Their commitment to ensure the success of DBT Center of Korea makes it possible for us to outreach to the local communities and also to disseminate DBT here in Korea.


We continue to organize DBT educational and training programs for professionals and please visit our website or contact us at +82-2-557-8823, info@thetreeg.com

전문가 교육 


– 전문가를 위한 DBT 클래스 DBT Experiential Class for Professionals  

– 전문가를 위한 청소년 가족 DBT 클래스 DBT Experiential Adolescents & Family Class for Professionals 

– 아동 청소년을 위한 마인드풀니스 클래스 DBT Mindfulness Class for Child and Adolescent 

– DBT 다이어렉티컬 행동치료 Professional Knowledge 세미나 I 

– DBT 다이어렉티컬 행동치료 Foundation 세미나 II 

– DBT – 오감 Five Senses 세미나 

– DBT – 철저한 수용 Radical Acceptance 세미나 

– DBT – 진솔 Truthful 세미나 

– 마샤 리네한과 DBT 전문가의 다이어렉티컬 행동치료 워크숍 

DBT Education for Professionals in Korea


DBT INSTITUTE OF KOREA DBT Education for Professionals in Korea DBT Experiential Class for Professionals DBT Day Retreat DBT Educational Seminar & Conference DBT Standard

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Established in collaboration with Dr. Marsha Linehan and the expert team from Seattle to alleviate human suffering and distress, DBTKOREA’s headquarters in Korea and the DBT Institute of Korea.

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Dr. Cho, the path he walk, is the path for pain and suffering; the DBT and Marsha Linehan’s philosophy, he believed, are the non-detachable companion of his walk to save people from their suffering.

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DBT CreatorㅣMarsha M. Linehan

Dr. Marsha M. Linehan
Is a world-renowned scholar
who developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy, DBT.

Dr. Linehan’s research and passion for the treatment of
emotion regulation disorders and borderline personality disorder
have impressed experts worldwide, and up to this point,
countless clients are overcoming challenging symptoms
through DBT and living a new life.

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